What We Do

L + R’s individual experiences in broadcast production, marketing and advertising have brought them insights that, frankly, they can’t get rid of or find another use for.

From a creative standpoint, they specialize in concepting and capturing your message in a way that makes it stand out from the herd and engage or, in some cases, even marry your target audience.

Strategically, they want to see your message and content live among as many platforms as necessary to achieve your goals.

Finally, when you work with L + R, you’ll notice they “play well” with others. Client relationships are viewed as partnerships.

What We Don't

L + R does not charge inflated prices to cover corporate office views, valet parking or baristas in the lobby. In fact, we fetch our own coffee and sometimes ride other people’s bicycles to work. If we operated on anything less we would be working in a van outside your office or down by the river.