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Professional Documentary Film Production

Looking to produce a Documentary Video?

"Why do I need Documentary Video Production?" is a question you might ask yourself but the answer is simple:
Despite advances in technology and communication humans still crave a personal connection, and one of the most authentic ways to portray any subject is to tell their story via documentary video production.
Many brands come to Lunch & Recess to create many different kinds of documentary videos, such as brand films, recruitment & acquisition videos, non-profit stories, school overviews and science/technology pieces.

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Benefits of a Documentary Film


Documentary-style videos offer a genuine insight into a brand’s story, products, or services. They come off as more trustworthy and credible because they’re less scripted and more natural compared to traditional advertisements.


Documentary-style videos let brands unfold their narrative in a captivating way. Offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a brand’s operations, history, and mission, they forge a deeper connection with the audience.


Documentary-style videos wield the power to stir emotions and leave a lasting impression. They enable brands to spotlight their values and mission in a manner that deeply resonates with their target audience.

Increased Engagement

Docu-style videos frequently drive higher engagement than other video content types. Offering a more profound dive into a brand’s story, they spark inspiration for viewers to share content and initiate conversations on social media.

Increased Reach

Crafting top-notch, compelling content enables brands to extend their reach to a broader audience, capturing the attention of those who might not have been interested in their products or services before.