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Lunch and Recess is a Visual Content Agency. 

Our service offerings span everything your company needs from a content strategy, plan a production and execute it and then edit and deliver a shiny finished product. 

We also have in-house capabilities like creative video production and design services to help you deliver that perfectly packaged message to your audience on the platforms they are watching, at  the time they’re watching it. 

That means social posting, and management, as well as paid media and display.  Take a look at the list of services we offer below.  

Digital Marketing
Video Editing Services
Social Media
Drone Video

Our video production service process is simple, adaptable, and like our name… a whole lot of fun along the way. Pairing this process with our subscription model allows us to develop and produce effective visual content (such as creative video content) that speaks your language and moves your audience, again & again.

Discovery Meeting

As we begin your project we start with a helpful discovery meeting. This is the time where we discuss your brand’s needs, wants and goals while also identifying the challenges you currently face in meeting those same expectations. While creative ideas may pop up in this session the main focus is on gathering the necessary information needed to create video content that delivers the right message to the right people.



Taking cues from the information gathered in our discovery meeting, we will develop a strategy for your video content that will inform many of the creative decisions we make along the way. Once we are on the same page regarding strategy we then move on to the next part of the process.



This is where we explore concepts that bring the strategy to life. Depending on your project this may include the video concept, gathering client assets, scripts, casting, storyboards, locations and other other details we need to address along the way. For animated projects this will involve detailed designs and thoughtful shot planning. Once we have everything we need for a successful production we will schedule your production.



Our dedicated creative team will manage the production schedule and will manage all aspects of the production, such as lighting, camera, sound, direction, makeup, art direction, props. Pretty much anything you need for a successful video production. For animated projects this is where we will create all of the assets needed to bring all of these great ideas to life. Along the way we try to make the whole experience fun and enjoyable as we can for everyone involved.



Our post-production team kicks in to take everything we’ve created so far in the process and begin to bring it all together with editing, music, sound effects, animations, graphics and anything else we will need to give you the best video content possible.



Once the post-production is complete and we have your project ready to view we present you a proof.  Sometimes this happens in person with pop-corn and candy and lately it happens remotely via private links.  We then listen to your feedback and if necessary make revisions.  Once we receive final approval, we then deliver your files in the formats you need for your various platforms, or if we are working on a subscription basis, we may handle the posting for you depending upon our relationship and platform access level.



When paired with our subscription model, we begin the process over again with a new message every month, every quarter, however often you will need it. We are very adaptable and will customize many aspects of the subscription based on your brand’s specific needs. 


Content Subscriptions

When marketing departments harness the awesome power of one of our customized content subscriptions they ensure that they have a constant stream of new visual content for advertising, recruiting, social media, and more month after month…or as often as you need it.
Working with Lunch and Recess under a content subscription feels like having an in-house production department without the HR and procurement woes that come with hiring, paying salaries, benefits and keeping up with the latest (very expensive) equipment trends. Our subscriptions provide your marketing teams and partners with new visual content on a regular, recurring basis that will allow you to more effectively plan your marketing / communications objectives while meeting deadlines and staying on budget.

Why do I need a content subscription?

A better question is “Why DON’T you already have a content subscription?” There are many reasons why countless branding & marketing teams benefit from a content subscription, such as the following:
You need content for your platforms. Lots of Content.

It’s fully customizable:

We know that not everything is “one size fits all”. That’s why we have created our monthly or quarterly content subscription plans to be customizable to suit your content needs.

Predictable scheduling:

You’ll receive priority shoot dates with our team on a monthly or quarterly basis, allowing you to plan your content ahead of time and know that you’ll have a dedicated team providing you with new and fresh video content on a regular basis.

Better cost:

We can offer very competitive rates to our repeat, consistent clientele. That way you’ll always get the best deal we can offer!

Library over time:

The longer the subscription goes the better the content becomes overall. Pulling in shots from multiple shoots.

Want to know more about how our content plans can help you? Let's talk!

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