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Professional Drone Video Services in Charleston, SC

Looking for a Licensed Drone Pilot?

If you are looking for drone video services in Charleston, SC (or anywhere in the world) look no further...

Lunch & Recess is known for our fancy footwork behind the camera when we're on the ground, but wait 'til you see what our FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilots can do to elevate (pun intended) your next video production.

Some of the most common types of productions that incorporate drone footage are brand films, documentaries, construction videos, real estate, travel & leisure videography but really (pun incoming) the sky is the limit.

Ok, that and the weather... but we can help plan around that.

Whether your drone footage is used as part of a larger production or you require the footage for your own needs we can help.

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Licensed & Insured

Our pilots carry an FAA Part 107 license and they are insured. Not only is required by the law but should also provides you with peace of mind. Safety is at the forefront of all of our drone operations.

Experienced Pilots

Our pilots well-versed in UAV flight and handling but they also offer years of film experience. That added touch helps bring a visual flair to the shots we capture.

Production Value

High-quality drone footage enhances video production, lending a professional and polished appearance. It boosts credibility, signaling to your audience that your business values attention to detail and prioritizes quality.