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Animation & Motion Graphics

Bring your brand to life with 2D / 3D Animation and Motion Graphics!

Looking for an animated video production? That's great! We offer 2D or 3D animation and Motion Graphics! Not only do we handle live-action video, but we especially love working on animated projects.
The best part about animated video production? No visual limits!
Whether you've got a script or just an idea, we're ready to collaborate.
Animated videos are perfect for all kinds of videos, like Commercials, Explainer Videos, Brand Films, Logo Reveals, YouTube Intros, Opening Credits, eLearning vids, Visualizations, Entertainment, and more. They're like the Swiss Army knife of creative videos—useful for marketing, advertising, and social media adventures.
Every animated project is unique however and will require different considerations than your typical filmed video. Before getting started it's probably best to speak with the Lunch & Recess team to learn more, so contact us today!
We are local to Charleston, SC abut available anywhere in the United States or beyond!

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Our Animation Process (The Short Version)


Most projects will include a pre-production phase, this is where the specifics regarding scripts, storyboards, designs, goals and timelines are established. It’s important to nail these details prior to beginning the next phase as animation can be intensive work, revisions can affect the final cost and push the timeline back significantly.


Once the pre-production is complete and the plan is set we get to work creating assets like backgrounds, characters, graphic designs and an other elements we need. These items are animated according to the script and storyboard. This part of the process is probably the most time and labor intensive, but it’s all worth it at the end.

Post-Production and Delivery

Once all of the animated elements have come together, we bring that new animated footage into a more traditional video editing pipeline. During this time the footage, music, sfx, dialogue, vfx, color corrections and more come together to create a fully realized animated video ready for distribution on Television, Social Media, Streaming Platforms, Youtube, Vimeo and many many more.