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Social Media Management Services

Who is managing your Social Media Accounts?

Have you ever seen a business hand over its social media reins to a niece or nephew?
Sometimes it's a hit, other times, it's not so pretty.
At Lunch + Recess, we've noticed the struggle and emerged as the solution, specializing in dynamic social media management that makes a difference.

We take your voice online, acting as an extension of your brand. Whether you want us to operate autonomously or integrate seamlessly into your team, it's all about boosting your social media strategy.

Many businesses treat social media as an afterthought or miss the mark on platform-specific engagement. It's understandable; you're busy. But hey, that's where we come in, turning the challenge into an opportunity.

Social media is not just about memes and vacation pics. It's a powerful tool for awareness, relevance, authority, leads, and improved customer experiences. We're here to help you tap into that potential with Lunch + Recess' dedicated social media manager at your service.

Content Subscription Clients receive a plethora of additional photo and video clips tailored for their social media channels. At Lunch + Recess, we focus on elevating your brand's online presence and turning the pitfalls into opportunities.

Don't let social media be hit or miss.
Lunch + Recess is your ticket to a thriving online presence, offering expertise, flexibility, and a dedicated manager focused on strategic content posting, engagement, and growth.

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Benefits of Dedicated Social Media Management

Steady Growth

By posting relevant content and interacting with your target audience we work to help grow your follower count and build a strong audience for your brand and services.

Increased Credibility

By responding to messages and comments we establish your brand as an active, credible account on social media. We also remove spam comments from your page so that only authentic interactions remain, further boosting your credibility.

Viable Leads

By growing a large audience of followers who are interested in your business and your services you will have vetted pool of potential leads to market to with targeted ads and boosted posts.