Looking for an Emotional Non-Profit video? You’ve made the right choice. One of the best ways for a non-profit organization to tell it’s story is to appeal to viewers on an emotional level. This video for Trident United Way does just that.

Trident United Way gives people the power to make real, long-lasting change by addressing the issues that matter the most in people’s lives — education, financial stability and health. Ja’rease is one of their many thousands of success stories.

This is a documentary piece of video content produced by Lunch & Recess.

We work with brands of all kinds, including non-profit ( 501c3 ) organizations to produce emotional non-profit video content that gets results.

To create great content for your brand ( or agency ) trust the video production experts at Lunch & Recess. We not only produce documentary style videos like this but we also create TV Pilots, educational videos, explainer videos and more.

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