Halloween holds a special place in our hearts, making it the perfect occasion for a spirited celebration through an animated short film designed for social media.

This lively animated video seamlessly incorporates both 2D and stop-motion animation techniques, breathing life into delightful pieces of candy corn.

While we take immense joy in creating compelling video content for our clients, our passion truly ignites when it involves animation, illustration, or motion graphics.

In fact we kinda prefer it that way. Animation is one of the best ways to display creativity and in fact animated films make up most of the top 10 grossing films year after year. It’s hard to deny the appeal of 2D and 3d animation for your marketing, advertising, social media or even scripted and unscripted tv schows and movies.

If you believe your brand or agency could benefit from a captivating animated video piece for your marketing, advertising, or social media endeavors, you can rely on the video production expertise of Lunch & Recess to bring those imaginative concepts to life. We can shepherd your project from start to finish, or pick up anywhere in between. Don’t believe us? Contact us for a free consultation.

Whether you’re based in South Carolina or anywhere across the United States, we’re ready to infuse creativity into your projects.

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