This is an Agricultural Marketing Video produced by Lunch & Recess.

By taking advantage of Amplified Ag’s container farming technology, Sam Norton of Heron Farms was able to grow and produce their latest product, playfully known as “Sea Beans”.

It was a notable undertaking they felt was deserving of a high quality documentary piece to highlight the story of this new product.

So they entrusted the video production experts at Lunch & Recess to bring this story to life with a beautiful documentary piece that employs the use of insightful interviews with visually engaging b-roll and product shots.

Effortlessly navigating through pre-production, production, and post-production stages, the Lunch & Recess team provided unwavering support, shaping Amplified Ag’s vision into a captivating agricultural marketing video for Heron Farms.

Having successfully collaborated with Amplified Ag and Heron Farms, we are poised to extend the same level of expertise to businesses and creative agencies within the agricultural sector. Not only in South Carolina, but all across the United States.

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