Agricultural Video Production is a necessity when you are looking to promote your farm or any other agricultural based company on television, web, or social media.

Amplified Ag was looking for a brand video that mirrored their forward-thinking approach to agriculture and farming, and they turned to the seasoned video production experts at Lunch & Recess.

We help navigate seamlessly through pre-production, production, and post-production, the Lunch & Recess team provides comprehensive support, transforming your vision into a compelling documentary.

The Agricultural Video Production skillfully incorporated interviews, dynamic b-roll, and breathtaking drone footage.

This content piece not only proved to be an effective tool in advancing Amplified Ag’s marketing and business objectives but also emerged as a pivotal element in their social media strategy.

Having successfully partnered with Amplified Ag, we stand ready to offer the same expertise to businesses and creative agencies within the agricultural realm.

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