For over 150 years Popular Science (aka PopSci) has been one of the most well established and trusted news sources for news on science and technology in the world. This is a science documentary we produced for them.

Their written and video content has been viewed by millions, so when they asked the video production experts at Lunch & Recess to help produce a series of video content on new forms of renewable energy we replied with a resounding “yes”.

This project was an opportunity to travel around the world to capture footage and stories surrounding. The end result was a mix of scripted content, interviews, engaging b-roll and beautiful cinematography that was not only entertaining, but informative as well.

Not only did we handle the audio and visual components of this science documentary but we were also instrumental in post-production, delivering a final edit that met the demands of a worldwide brand.

If you too would like to produce, engaging, entertaining, and informative video content for your brand, agency or for scripted and unscripted entertainment content, let’s talk.

Whether you’re based in South Carolina or anywhere across the United States, we’re ready to infuse creativity into your projects. We even offer video content subscription partnerships to provide you with the necessary content to reach your specific goals.

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