Looking for an Animated Explainer Video ? (great choice)

Animated Explainer videos are one of the best ways to quickly and simply explain complicated topics to your viewer.

To explain the benefits of Questis Financial Wellness service they opted for the animated approach, so they reached out to the 2D Animation Experts at Lunch & Recess to help bring these concepts to life.

We helped to steer the creative direction of the product from start to finish. From copywriting and character design, to the animation and VO we were there every step of the way.

This animated explainer helps to simplify the benefitsĀ  of the program so that anyone can understand how it works.

2D animated explainer videos like this one can be effective in many contexts, Such as on the company website, being shared on social media or, displayed at trade shows.

If you are ready to add valuable animated content to your marketing aresenal reach out to the experts at Lunch & Recess

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