A Legal Brand Film was the difference maker for the McLeod Law Group.

The McLeod Law Group is a firm known for their tireless pursuits of getting the best possible results for their clients and they wanted a legal brand film that conveyed that message.

By partnering with Lunch & Recess they came away with this moving & effective legal brand film that not only tells the story of the firm in less than two minutes but also serves to differentiate them from the large number of competing law firms in their area.

For many law firms, standing out is one of the most difficult, albeit most important tasks to accomplish in successful legal marketing. By slowing down the pace of their message and focusing on an emotional connection they now have a video piece integral to their marketing which serves as great first impression to new clients looking for a trusted law firm that gets results.

Can video be the difference maker for your law firm? We seem to think so. Commercials, brand films, testimonials, trial videos and social media content could be just thing you need.

To learn more about how Lunch + Recess can help to produce an effective legal brand film for your firm contact the team today and let’s talk about how we can help you stand out in your market.

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