Educational Marketing Video Production can make a world of difference for schools, tutors, e-learning courses, colleges, the list goes on.

For Sundrops Montessori school, located in the Charleston, SC area it meant meeting enrollment numbers and helping to inform the public of alternatives to traditional public & private schools.

Lunch & Recess was able to bring creative solutions to help market this school. There was a lot of written material out there already, but we felt it was important to SHOW how Sundrops Montessori was different and to highlight the benefits to students and their families.

They had a specific goal for this piece, which was to grow their Mezzo (aka “middle”) school enrollment in the coming years.

This educational marketing video was integral to their marketing efforts online and on social media, while also remaining a fixture on their website.

The Mezzo school is very unique so we approached this production with a “seeing is believing” sort of approach that we feel successfully conveys what the school is all about.

Peppered with lively b-roll and interviews with students & instructors this piece serves as the perfect introduction for families looking for an alternative to traditional educational institutions.

We were able to help Sundrops with their educational marketing, and we can probably help you with video production for schools, universities 7 e-learning courses too.

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About Sundrops Montessori:

Sundrops Montessori, a Montessori School with multiple locations in Charleston had just one request. “We want more middle schoolers”

So we set off to capture a middle school experience like no other. This documentary style piece pairs interview segments with some beautiful b-roll in addition to some very compelling stories from the students and faculty.

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