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This is a brand film for national bakery brand Brothers Gerard, produced by Lunch & Recess in Charleston, SC. This film tells the story of an award winning southern chef with a passion for baking.

This video was instrumental in Brothers Gerard’s advertising and marketing efforts. It was used in both paid advertising and organically on social media.

Since this video release,Brothers Gerard has since expanded and grown into a national brand available in frozen food sections of many national brands, like Kroger, Meijer, Hannaford, and Wal-Mart (perhaps you’ve heard of them).

You can even have them delivered to your home via Instacart.

These are the kind of results many brands strive for, and if you are interested in growing your brand into a national presence via Food & Beverage Video Production we can help.

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About Brothers Gerard:

Our love of baking began with simple ingredients and classic Southern recipes, like those of the historic Charleston bakery that became our family’s first home. That passion inspires us to make baked goods that honor the taste, flavor, and texture of classic Southern cooking. We’re also committed to making baked goods that go from freezer to table in minutes. So you can heat and eat our flaky, high-rising biscuits and melt-in-your-mouth scones anytime. We believe every bite carries the tradition that inspired it – and hope it fills you and yours with the same joy it gives us. Together, we rise.” – Brothers Gerard Baking Co.

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