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Lunch & Recess takes pride in producing compelling brand films spanning various industries, from agriculture and medical to commercials and more.

We even work with food and beverage based clients like Root:1, a winemaker with vineyards primarily located in Chile.

Our expertise extends beyond industry diversity—we’ve successfully crafted content tailored for popular content delivery platforms like youtube, vimeo, amazon prime, netflix and other streaming services to name a few.

With a versatile team comprising skilled copywriters, editors, cinematographers, animators, designers, directors, and more, we boast extensive experience and the necessary know-how to bring your vision to life consistently.

We collaborate with brands and agencies across the United States (and even as far as Chile) to weave narratives that entertain, inform, and engage on an emotional, thought-provoking level.

This particular piece showcases rich cinematography, product shots, interviews, b-roll, and more—a comprehensive toolkit for producing highly effective content for food and beverage suitable for television, YouTube, and social media.

Ready to step into the limelight? Entrust your project to the video production experts at Lunch & Recess.

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