This is a Food & Beverage Marketing Video produced by Lunch & Recess.

After establishing their groundbreaking agricultural company, Amplified Ag set their sights on creating a new brand, Vertical Roots, utilizing their technology to introduce innovative food products to the market.

Facing the significant task at hand, they entrusted the video production expertise of Lunch & Recess to craft a video that not only served as a product showcase but also unfolded as a narrative, putting the spotlight on the individuals driving the technology.

Effortlessly navigating through pre-production, production, and post-production stages, the Lunch & Recess team provided unwavering support, shaping Amplified Ag’s vision into a captivating documentary.

The production seamlessly integrated interviews, dynamic b-roll, alluring beauty/sizzle product shots, and breathtaking drone footage.

This content piece not only proved instrumental in advancing Amplified Ag’s marketing and business objectives for Vertical Roots but also emerged as a cornerstone in their social media strategy.

Having successfully collaborated with Amplified Ag and Vertical Roots, we are poised to extend the same level of expertise to businesses and creative agencies within the agricultural sector. Not only in South Carolina, but all across the United States.

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